If you are looking for a Tippmann barrel, then you have come to the right spot. We have a full selection of barrels for your paintball gun from both Tippmann as well as all other paintball barrel manufacturers. If you need a barrel for your Tippmann A5, 98, X7, Army Alpha or other older model Tippmann, we have what you want. We carry the biggest selection of Tippmann barrels online and our prices can not be beat. Tippmann has been manufacturing barrels for over 15 years and has two standard models to choose from. There is the Tippmann Flatline barrel which is great if you want a barrel to have better distance than any gun on the market. If you are looking to have pinpoint accuracy, Tippmann makes the Straightline barrel for you. The unique curved design of the Tippmann Flatline barrel puts a backspin on the ball which gives it unsurpassed distance. At a flat trajectory, the Flatline barrel gives your paintball gun about 50-75 feet of distance more than any upgraded barrel on the market. That makes this a very desirable barrel for any woodsball scenario player. The Tippmann Flatline barrel gives you the advantage of shooting straight and flat trajectory shots at your opponent, while their lobbing paintballs come up well short of you. The newest Tippmann Barrel is the Straightline. This is a barrel kit comprised of 3 backs and one long front. The barrel backs are all different sizes so your paintball will securely fit into your barrel. The Straightline barrel front is rifled and ported to make this one of the most accurate barrels in paintball. Tippmann Barrels give you the options you want in order to fit your specific style of paintball play.