SP Paintball

SP Paintball has been receiving countless requests to create a rubberized grip kit that will make the SP Shocker as solid as a rock in the hands of any paintball player. Well, they heard you loud and clear! SP is brining you the brand new SP Shocker RSX Grip Color Kit.

The SP Shocker RSX Grips will come with both the regulator grip and frame grip to give your gun a nice cohesive look. The kit is available in a multitude of color ways making it extremely easy to match your stock gun color or make a drastic change to the appearance of your gun by giving it a new blast of color.

These new rubberized grips are truly built to keep your marker in your hands, even in the craziest of situations. There is excellent venting and notches at the top of the regulator grip that will perfectly match the included frame grip along with the stock grip that are currently on your Shocker. These notches and vents make for an ultra-comfortable and sticky grip for diving into any bunker.

Unlike other grip kits, the SP Shocker RSX Grip Color Kit will stay securely on your gun, no matter the circumstance. There is an extra lip on the bottom of the regulator grip that stops the grip from sliding up, as well as, an additional lip at the top that slips into the crease of the body to stop it from twisting around.

The SP Shocker RSX Grips are so incredibly tight and extremely secure that you will never lose hold of your gun on or off the field. These things lock in place and never let go making it easier to keep your head in the game. Get your hands on the SP Shocker RSX Grips today!