Dye M3+ Icon Series Paintball Gun

In the second release from the Dye Lab, we are proud to offer the new Dye M3+ Icon series of limited edition paintball guns. This release is limited to 220 total guns in the worldwide release and are expected to sell out quickly. These guns all include the second edition Icon Series Milling and are available in 4 standard colorways and 5 extra limited PGA graphic prints.  Each of the limited Icon M3+ markers will be serialized as well as include a certificate of authenticity. 

The Icon M3+ also includes some special features with include the Arch blade trigger, grey/black stick grips and Icon Edition 2 Exclusive barrel cover. Performance improvements are also added to the gun starting with the barrel. The gun comes with a UL-I barrel back, barrel tip and .680, .864 and .688 inserts. You can also purchase additional UL-I inserts to complete the entire kit. 

Unique Features for the M3+ Icon Series - A feed neck knob wheel is included with the gun so you will not need any tools to adjust the clamp strength of the feedneck. The Icon series also has an extremely comfortable arch style blade trigger which helps with high rates of fire. In addition, the bolt comes upgraded with the new V2 Flex Bolt Tip which allows the M3+ Icon to work even better with more brittle paint. 

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