Empire Invert Mini GS TP

The Empire MINI GS is one of the best-valued paintball guns on the market. Look no further if you are new to the sport or want to upgrade from your entry-level gun. The Mini GS is stacked with technology comparable to the high-end $1000+ paintball guns. This is a perfect gun to hit the tournament fields, play a scenario event, do woodsball, or enjoy recreational paintball.  

Colors - Want to be different and unique?  We have the largest selection of colors you will find anywhere, including custom anodized and specialty Empire Mini GS guns.

Our selection of Mini GS guns contains all the newest and most up-to-date models. The guns all have an upgraded two-piece barrel kit, improving accuracy from the previous version of the GS. It also includes updated firmware which is easier to program and has more features than earlier reiterations of the gun. 

 Another great reason to check out the Mini GS is the maintenance. The gun is super durable and requires little maintenance to perform at peak performance. Most can be done by just popping the bolt assembly out the back of the gun, cleaning it, adding some oil/grease, and popping it right back in the gun.  

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