Field One Force

Check out the home to the all new Field One Force paintball guns. The Force which was previously under development as "The Pinnacle" has been under extensive development for over 3 years. This gun has been tested by top level pro players and teams and is ready to make its official debut.

The Force was designed on three basic principals:

Air Efficient - Most people don't want to lug around a huge tank on the back of their gun but want to be able to shoot 9-10 pods. The Force embraces this thinking and is extremely efficient. Expect to get 1300-1400 shots off 68ci tank.

Soft on Paint - The more brittle the paint the better. Maybe... Brittle paint is great because it has a higher chance to break on your opponent on long or off the break shots. It also has a higher chance of breaking in the gun or barrel. The Field One Force tweaked multiple designs to allow the bolt force and air flow to be as soft on paint as humanly possible.

Ultra Reliable - No one wants to go the the field and have to work on their broken or leaky gun. One of the main design focuses for the Force was superior reliablilty. This was accomplished with a simple design that would be very easy to maintain.