First Strike T15SF

First Strike wanted to create a mil-sim gun that was realistic and functional. They brought to us the T15 and that was an awesome paintball gun. Well, they took the T15 and made it even better. Introducing the new First Strike T15SF paintball gun! The First Strike T15SF rifle is the first 1 to 1 AR rifle platform paintball gun that offers full auto! Yes, that’s right; this bad boy can shoot first strike rounds on fully automatic! Imagine trying to hide from that!

The First Strike Tiberius T15SF Full Auto features a new 3 position selector switch that includes safe, semi, and full auto. Up front the T15SF features a quad handguard rail that accepts standard picatinny attachments. You can customize this rifle just like the real ones by adding a fore grip, laser, flashlight, rail covers, bipods, and more! Not only does the First Strike Tiberius T15SF look like an AR rifle but it functions like one too! The T15SF features a 2 pin quick disassembly and a fully functional charging handle!

The T15SF is capable of shooting both First Strike and standard .68 caliber paintballs. Each gun comes with two magazines that can hold up to 20 rounds. If you are looking for more firepower then simply attach the hopper adapter and you can use a standard or electronic loader!

All First Strike Tiberius T15SF paintball guns will come with a 13ci/3000psi tank that sits right into the stock. This makes for a hose-less design that is as realistic as it can get!

The body is constructed out of a lightweight aluminum that is durable and can withstand anything you throw at it. When you are all done for the day, you can store your First Strike T15SF in the deluxe carrying case that it comes with. Yes, that’s right, the boys over at First Strike know how important it is to keep your paintball gun safe and they provide you with a deluxe case to do so.

If you want the most realistic paintball rifle on the market then check out the First Strike Tiberius T15SF Full Auto.

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