GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun

The GOG eNMEy gun is the latest release from GOG Paintball and has redefined what a mechanical paintball gun can be. The GoG eNMEy utilizes a spool valve design similar to GoG's other trend-setting markers, but a completely redesigned mechanical solenoid. The GoG eNMEy fires extremely fast with very little 'kick', letting you keep on target during rapid fire. The eNMEy is very easy to maintain with its simple, one tool 'Bolt Out Back' system. The eNMEy operates at low pressure so it is very gentle on paintballs, greatly reducing the chance of breakage in your barrel.

The lightweight GoG eNMEy uses a super tough nylon composite body and frame, delivering a durable marker that doesn't tire out your arms to carry. Check out the latest from GoG, and go dominate the field!