Planet Eclipse CS3 Paintball Guns

If you are looking for the best of the best then look no further than the all new Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball gun lineup. The CS3 has all of the latest upgrades which make the marker the best in class.  

The biggest upgrade from previous CS series guns in the Fully Double Decoupled Drive (FDD) which gives the gun a 50% increase in valve chamber volume. This lowers the working pressure of the gun all the way down to sub 100psi and reduces the sound signature of the marker. It also reduces the recoil which gives overall tighter shot groupings. Another benefit of the ADD is efficiency. The CS3 is at least 20% more efficient than similar previous models.

New barrel kit. All CS3 models come with the brand new S63 barrel system and includes .685 and .689 inserts. You can complete the kit with additional inserts to get the best paint to barrel match. Another great upgrade is a mechanical frame which removes all of the electronics and makes the CS3 tournament legal for all Mech only events.