Planet Eclipse Etha 3 Mechanical

It began with the Etha2, the electronic marker platform that re-defined affordable performance. The levels of reliability, build quality, efficiency and just about every other performance metric were now available to those on a modest budget. It took the outstanding Gamma Core drivetrain to a wider audience which which performed flawlessly in any situation, any climate with total disregard for the levels of abuse it was subjected to. A drivetrain that became the blueprint for modern advanced spool technology.

Then came the Emek. Based on the Etha2 platform this mechanical marker was intended to provide paintball parks with a rental marker that would reduce maintenance time, reduce waste, reduce long term operating costs and improve the customer experience. But, it became so much more than that. One mechanical marker. Multiple opportunities. It revolutionised the game for many.

And now, the Etha3 brings it all home with outstanding Electronic and Mechanical offerings for players looking to take their game to the N3XT L3V3L.