Planet Eclipse Gtek 180R

If you are looking for the best mid level paintball marker then this is the release you have been waiting for. The Gtek 180r is officially a pro level high end marker with just about every feature you could ever imagine.  If you want to put your skills to the test, this gun will give you your best chance. 

Without question, your paintball marker is the most important piece of gear in your bag. You defiantly want to pick a gun that has all of the bells, whistles and features that will compliment the skills you bring to the field. Picking the right paintball gun is vital!

NEW Engine/Bolt System

The Gtek 180r features a brand new and upgraded engine/bolt system called the OP-R Core drivetrain. This new engine give you amazing consistency with every shot while keeping in tact the responsiveness that makes the R lineup so sought after. Another benefit of the OP-R Engine is the reduced recoil and softer sound signature which also allow the 180r to be softer on brittle paintballs. The OP-R engine is also more reliable than ever and requires very little maintenance. 

Ergonomics & Feel

The 180r is designed with super aggressive milling and fits in perfectly with even the most high end lineup of guns. The quality materials, fit, finish and assembly give the Eclipse 180r a great feel. Grips are one of the most important parts of a paintball gun since that is what you are using to control and handle the gun. The all new foregrip and rear grips have a tacky rubber and are co molded with a higher density rubber to truly give you the perfect grip.  

Better Precision & Adjustability

Included with the 180r is the all new S63 - 3 piece barrel system which uses the PWR barrel inserts for maximum efficiency and accuracy. The gun comes with a .689 PWR insert which should accommodate pretty much any brand of paintballs but you can also purchase additional insert sizes here. Additional sizes include .677, .681, .685, .693 and a Lapco Rifled PWR insert for use with First Strike FSR Rounds. The barrel is a total of 14.5" which is the optimal length for the best performance and accuracy. 

The 180R features a brand new electronics package built on the incredibly robust MME (Modular Marker Electronics) system also found in the LV2 and CS3. The crisp OLED display, full suite of firing modes and adjustable settings allow the 180R to be quickly and easily set up for any style of play. The 5-way adjustable trigger also features a detachable trigger shoe that can be swapped out in seconds to suit your own personal preferences.

Time for adaptability

When you want to switch it up and play some old school mech ball the 180R continues the Gtek R Line’s legacy of empowering players in both electronic and mechanical formats. Like the 170R before it, the 180R is fully mech compatible. Simply swap out the frame for the optional 180R-specific mech frame and within minutes you’ll be equipped with immense mechanical firepower. The 180R mech frame kit is enhanced by the fully ball raced and linear bearing supported trigger, and the mighty FL 3-Way delivers an insane level of mechanical performance. The new rear grips blend perfectly with both the electro and mech frames giving unparalleled comfort and control in both forms.

Time to make the switch

The Gtek 180R is more than just the next model in the R line of markers. It represents a new dawn for upper mid-range electronic paintball performance packages and presents a complete and hugely competitive marker system straight out-the-box. It will compete as hard as the player dares, and will be a reliable, impressive and trustworthy ally throughout their quest for greatness as they rise to the top.

It's time to make the switch.

For players with aspirations of greatness. Of one day stepping onto the field of Champions. Performing on the biggest stage in competitive paintball. Choosing the right paintball gear is vital.

Without doubt, the most important piece of kit is the marker. And to truly succeed on the path to greatness, choosing a marker that ticks every box possible, is essential. The Gtek R line gives players this. A level of firepower, reliability and support that is unmatched at this price.

The 160R changed the game. The 170R dominated the game. And the 180R is about to turn the game on its hea