The Tippmann Cronus marker line was designed to be a durable and reliable gun for anyone looking to get into paintball. To start, there are two different versions of the Tippmann Cronus; the basic or the tactical. The guns are the exact same internally and functionally but the Cronus Tactical includes 3 additional accessories which are the collapsible stock, top carry handle and barrel shroud.  Even though the tactical come with the three additional accessories, it makes it a no brainer for an extra 15 bucks. 

All of the Cronus guns come standard with a pocket squeegee for cleaning out the barrel, a spare o-ring, a tube of oil, complete allen key set, tactical sights and a barrel blocker which is required at all paintball fields. The Cronus is designed with a military looks and is manufactured with a high impact composite construction. This make makes the marker both light weight and extremely durable. There are no external hoses on the marker and an internal gas line is run through the grip frame. The grips on the marker are molded rubber and are extremely comfortable. The gun also includes 4 picatinny rails so you can mount all of your favorite accessories. 

If you are looking for the gun and all of the accessories, we have a variety of packages available in both the basic and tactical model. Shop our packages Here