TPX Pistol

The New Tippmann TIPX paintball pistol is in stock and shipping. This is the updated version of the gun and is compact, durable, lightweight and easy to maintain. Included with the gun are 2 magazines, barrel plug, parts kit and a custom hard case. The barrel is easy to remove and accepts all standard Tippmann A5/X7 threaded barrels. 

The TIPX operates on a 12-gram CO2 cartridge which is easily punctured with a coarse threaded 1/4 turn CO2 cap. This makes changing out your 12 gram super easy while wearing gloves. The cartridge is located under the barrel of the gun and not in the grip like most other paintball pistols. This gives a slimmer and more realistic handgun grip. By not having the CO2 cartridge in the magazine, extra magazines are more affordable than some other brands.

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