HK Army 2014 Eject 3+2+4 Paintball Harness - Arctic

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HK Army Paintball Harness

The HK Army 2014 Eject 3+2+4 Paintball Harness was built by players who want to win. This harness is classic HK fusion of fresh looks and hot performance. The HK Eject pod pack features a large, non-slip rubber pad that keeps the harness in place no matter how much you twist and contort your body while crawling the snake. This combined with air mesh side padding delivers the most comfortable harness in the game today. Elastic pod holsters with oversized rubber strap pulls makes grabbing a pod lightning quick so you can get back to shooting people off the field.
Arctic color Rubber no-slip pad Dual strap wide elastic waist belt Holds up to 9 pods (3 in holsters, 6 in loops) Air mesh side padding Rubber strap pulls
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