HK Army Crash Elbow Pads - Black/Neon

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HK Army Elbow Pads

HK Army Protective Arm Pads are an essential item to have in game play. Not only should your protective wear safeguard you from impact or injury, but it should be comfortable to wear, lightweight and offer fluid mobility. HK Army Crash Arm Pads offer you all of the above and more.
HK Army Crash Arm Pads enhance performance and comfort during any style of game play. Comprised of contour, high-impact, soft foam padding, strategically placed ventilation points, Elastic bicep strap, Light 4-way Flex Zones to allow for the perfect fit, Recoil Compression neoprene Sleeve, Dual Layered Crash Padding, Low Profile Padded Gloves, Stay protected while playing.

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