HK Army Happy Package 2014 Gear - Size: Small

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HK Army Happy Package
Each Happy Package retails at $75 and contains $125+ Value inside!!! The Happy Packages will come in a gold foil bag and include the following: 2 HK Army T-Shirts or 1 HK Army Sweatshirt, HK Army Microfiber Goggle Cloth, HK Army Beanie, HK Army Combo Sticker Pack, HK Army Headband, & HK Army Lanyard!!! 5 Randomly selected Happy Packages will contain a gift certificate for one of the following prizes: - Golden Ticket to the Next Crash at the Coast Clinic! - KLR Goggle System - 2014 Eject Harness - 2014 ProGlove - Custom X-Mas Sweater Jersey *If you are one of the lucky winners, be sure to take a photo with your Happy Package and certificate and post it on Instagram. Direct the photo to @HKArmy and use Hashtags: #HKArmy #HKHappyPackage Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!!
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