HK Army Hostile CTS Synapse Flex Belt - Black

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Product Description

The CTS Synapse Flex Belt is the ultimate airsoft belt designed for comfort and functionality. Featuring an adjustable elastic waistband and five foam padded back panels, this belt offers superior support and stability while minimizing any movement or shifting during gameplay.

Equipped with four rifles Mag Cells, which come attached to the X-Lock laser cut MOLLE velcro panel and a removable exterior tension control strap. The Synapse Flex Belt secures your rifle magazines and other essential items in infinite configurations. The belt also boasts a 300-degree laser-cut molle velcro panel, allowing you to customize your kit to meet your needs.

Whether you're an experienced airsoft player or just starting, the Synapse Flex Belt is the perfect choice for those who value comfort and functionality. With its innovative design and unparalleled support, you can focus on your game and perform at your best.

The Synapse Flex Belt also includes a Belt Extender for larger waist sizes. (Fits up to 45" waist) (EU 114.3cm).

  • 4 Mag Cell Rifle holsters.
  • X-Lock laser cut MOLLE velcro panel.
  • Exterior tension control strap, which covers and secures the Mag Cells.
  • Belt Extender to ensure the harness fits small and large waists (Waist Size 26"-45").
  • Back and Hip Padding zones.
  • 300° laser cut Molle velcro panel.
  • Quick-Click belt can be woven through the harness and used as a primary belt.
  • Two secondary elastic tension Belts for a stable and secure fit.
  • Primary elastic belt with anti-slip silicone printing
  • HOSTILE rubber velcro patch.
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