HK Army Shredder 2 Paintball Cleats - Black/Blue

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HK Army Shredder 2 Cleats

The first paintball cleat designed for comfort, reliability, style and function.

The Superior Cleat of Paintball

The Shredder was developed to give maximum traction while playing on astroturf, grass, mud and dirt. There are 8 integrated traction points on the cleat. You will never have to worry about losing a spike again.

*NOTE* These cleats tend to run small by about a full size. If you wear a size 10 shoes then order a size 11 in these cleats. *NOTE*

8 integrated traction spikes made of high grade TPU Air cushion sole for maximum comfort on all playing terrain Proprietary high performance adhesive connecting the upper body to the sole for extreme durability Mesh ventilated upper body with tpr molded accents High density insole for extra comfort and arch support
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