HK Army VCOM Ripper Paintball Gun - Polished Murica Fade

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HK Army VCOM Gun

HK Army is proud to re-introduce the Limited Edition Bob Long Marq VCOM Ripper marker with the VIS engine. The VCOM is regarded as one of the most efficient, accurate and flawless paintball guns on the market. The HK VCOM is a proven, high-end marker used by HK Army's flagship Professional Paintball team, San Diego Dynasty.

There will be only 200 of these Official Bob Long Rippers made which are machined and hand assembled in the USA to Bob Longs original specs. Every Ripper includes a limited edition machined metal Certificate of Authenticity which is individually numbered. The Ripper is one of the most celebrated, distinguished and highly sought after body designs.

The HK VCOM has been redesigned and updated in particular areas to improve the performance of the VCOM marker. Improvements include an updated eye-system, advanced feed-neck system w/ finger-tightening screws, Bob Long two-piece barrel system (including 3 barrel backs).

The VIS engine is quiet, reliable, and capable of shooting 16 pods of paint with a 68/4500 tank.

Limited Edition Official Ripper Plaque (1 of 200) Hard shell protective zipper case Pressure Tester Bob Long Barrel Kit (0.679 + 0.685 + 0.691) Replacement O-Rings Allen Wrench Kit HK Army Grease Barrel Cover 9V Battery
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