JT Triad Loader

Check out the 2023 release of the JT Triad Loader.  This is a brand new high end loader that feeds 15 balls per second and will never jam. Checkout all the features below. 

Jam-Free Feeding and Safe On Brittle Paint - The patented magnetic clutch and drive cone/paddle offer consistent and Jam-Free feeding. This is done by not forcing brittle paint into the feedneck where it has the ability to crack. 

Simple To Use & Lightweight -  The sophisticated programing offers one-touch activation. The button is also large enough to easily push even if you are wearing gloves. The shell is manufactured from High-Impact glass infused composite fiber which is light weight and super strong. 

Sound Activation & Infrared Eyes -  The combination of sound activation and infrared eyes help the Triad to consistently feed paintballs into the marker. The loader starts feeding when the marker first shoots putting tension on the ball stack. The infrared eyes sense when the ball stack is filled and keep the motor from continuing to spin. 

Tool-Less Design - The Triad was designed with the player in mind and is easy to clean and maintain. The smooth exterior shell makes wiping paint and dirt really easy to clean. The shell comes apart with the slide of a button so internal cleaning is a cinch.  The floor pops out and houses all electronics so you can wash the entire shell.  All of the electronics are located under the shell and are protected from water or broken paint from ruining them.  The JT Triad also includes both a speed feed and rain lid for less ideal conditions.

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