Invert Too

The Invert Too loader is a proven winner. The light weight design and durable construction of the Invert Too will make this one of the most sought after and affordable loaders in the paintball world. The Invert Too Loader keeps the external look of the Halo B loader while focusing on a mixture of "The Top Loaders Of Paintball" internals. The Invert Too loader has a sound activated board similar to the Empire Reloader B. The internal feed system tends to resemble a mix between the "The Top Loaders In Paintball". The Invert TOO also has similar feeding speeds and specifications as the "Top Loaders Of Paintball". This combination of features and accessories with the price tag of only $73.95 will soon make this one of the most common and popular paintball loaders at every paintball field.

The Invert Too loader is great for any level of paintball player and will keep up with even the fastest paintball guns on the market. If your gun is currently chopping paint and you have either a gravity fed loader or basic agitating electric loader then this is the must have upgrade for you. Most Halo B parts and accessories are compatible with the new Invert Too Paintball Loader. Order yours today and start making the competition pay!