How To Install MOLLE Accessories On A Paintball Vest

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is a webbing system that allows the player to customize their loadout to suit their style of play. A MOLLE paintball vest or harness has nylon webbing loops sewn to the base. The MOLLE-compatible tactical accessories have one or more straps on the back side of the pouch and have Velcro, snaps, or both to secure them. Often players do not attach the pouch correctly, with the result that the pouch flops uncomfortably and noisily when moving, or even falls off! To properly attach a MOLLE accessory to the base, you need to weave the attachment straps between every webbing loop, alternating between the loops on the base and the loops on the pouch. Check out the video below as Rory explains this in detail.

MOLLE Paintball Vest Set Up Tips:

- If you are using a CO2 tank with a remote then you need to orient the air tank pouch vertically. If horizontal, the liquid CO2 will run down the remote line and enter the marker's valve.

- Leave the shoulder area free of accessories so you can properly bring your marker to your shoulder. If you only shoot right or left handed, then keep that shoulder free. If you switch hands a lot, then keep both open.

- Pod pouches on the front are easy to reach but uncomfortable lay, crawl, or fall down on.

- Many paintball vests have an internal sleeve to hold a hydration bladder. If not, most hydration bladder pouches have external MOLLE loops to allow attaching to it. If your vest does not have Velcro or elastic straps to route the drinking hose then a small carabineer will keep it in place.

- A carabineer clip is ideal for slinging paint grenades with rubber ring attachments.

- If your vest has belt loops at the bottom, you can attach them to a duty belt to anchor your rig so it doesn't ride up or slosh around.