Indian Creek Design Bushmaster BKO Paintball Gun - Red

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ICD Bushmaster BKO
The BKO is a high-quality, low-priced, entry-level marker. It is one of the lowest priced electro-pneumatic markers available. The BKO utilizes a pneumatic ram to drive the bolt forward open the valve, and a spring return system to bring it back to rest. The result is a fast and easy to maintain marker that gets great gas efficiency.
Cocker Threaded Barrel 17 BPS Low Pressure Operation Accepts Standard Duckbill Bottom-Lines and Drop Forwards Low Maintenance Ball Detent System Gauge Included on Inline HP Regulator LED Indicator Four-Way Adjustable Trigger Pivot Point Actuation Point Length of Pull Spring Tension 9 Volt Battery Operated Quick-Strip Bolt Delrin Bolt ICD Threaded Feedneck
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