JT Splatmaster 500ct Ammo Canteen - Orange/Yellow Fill (ZYX-0715)

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Come to the playing field with ample back up of your JT SplatMaster Ammo. This 500 count Canteen comes loaded with enough Ammo to keep you and your friends playing all day long. With a Splat specifically designed for quick and easy clean up with water, your targets are endless. Stain resistant, bio-degradable, and a true ball flight, JT SplatMaster Ammo is ready for you to Get in the Game! Only use JT SplatMaster Ammo with your JT SplatMasters. Splat Marks the Spot.

*NOTE* If the color selected is not available then we will substitute your order with a color that is available. If you need a specific color then please call us direct for availability. *NOTE*
Canteen design holds 500 rounds of JT SplatMaster Ammo Sturdy twist lid to keep your Ammo safe Water soluble splat marks clean up fast and easy 100% bio-degradable formulas Stain resistant fill Fun, safe, and accurate! Endless shooting games and back yard fun

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