Lapco Big Shot Assault/STR8 Shot Dishka Thunder Threaded Muzzle Break (BR-TIP-DISHKA)

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The LAPCO Dishka Thunder™ muzzle break is a unique addition to the LAPCO Threaded muzzle break collection. This muzzle break not only looks great, but will make your gun MUCH LOUDER, if you have the guts to sport it.

This muzzle break is not just another cone. It actually has an internal parabolic arc, similar to those found inside trumpets.

Product Warning: This product should only be used when wearing ear protection. Other players on the field should also be advised to wear ear protection. Do not fire a marker equipped with the Dishka Thunder™ Muzzle Break near anyone who is not wearing ear protection.

This muzzle break is useful for flanking, as you will sound more intimidating.

The unique sound signature also provides a strategic advantage, letting your team identify you by your sound signature, to avoid friendly fire incidents.

Extremely Loud: Has a unique parabolic arc incorporated into the design. Does not interfere with or affect shot accuracy. Able to be used on all LAPCO BigShot Assault™ & Str8Shot™ barrels. Will also fit other 7/8-20 threaded tip barrels like the Tiberius factory barrels Precision machined from high grade aluminum. Finished using a bead-blasting process for a matte finish look. Extra-hard black anodizing process for an extremely durable finish. Made in-house in the USA. Every part carries The Legendary LAPCO Lifetime Warranty: This is the best warranty you will never have to use
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