Lapco Tippmann A5 Fuse Desert Edge Barrel Back - .691 - Dust Black (FUSE-85-A5-691-MT)

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LAPCO Paintball Barrel
The LAPCO Fuse Barrel System was developed with input from Team Desert Edge. The design was to give you the best performance possible from a paintball barrel. They found that a full 8.5 inch control bore ensures the best fit and consistency with the paintball. Multiple tip lengths and styles give you options for performance and looks. The Fuse Barrel Backs are also compatible with Eclipse Shaft 4 tips. The five rows of dual step porting ensures correct pressure equalization and quiets the sound of the shot. The classic LAPCO mirror bore finish reduces drag to the absolute minimum, allowing easy cleaning and shoot through. Trust legendary LAPCO performance because there is no substitute for accuracy!
8 1/2 inch control bore length High grade aluminum Famous LAPCO machining and mirror finish Compatible with Fuse and Eclipse Shaft 4 tips
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