HK Army Sonic

The HK Army Sonic loader is a brand new and affordable loader from HK Army. It uses next gen proven technology to constantly feed a 16+ balls per second to your marker. The Sonic is also great for younger players with it weighing in under 12 ounces. The Tool-Less design and Nylon construction make this both a durable loader and super easy to keep clean. It also includes the new "H" board which helps with battery life and allows the loader to feed 18 cases of paint with just 1, 9V battery. 

Other notable features about the Sonic Loader are its 200 Round Capacity and spring ramp.  The ramp compresses with the weight of the paintballs which allows the loader design to be as small and compact as possible while still allowing a 200 round capacity. As paintballs feed into the marker, weight is lifted off the spring ramp which feeds the paintballs into the loaders drivetrain. This helps to keep a super consistent flow of paintballs into the gun and helps with chopping paint. 

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