Cleaners & No Fog Spray

Paintball Mask anti fog spray and goggle cleaners should be an item in everyones paintball gear bag. A lot of people stress their gun to be the most important item in their gear bag when they are purchasing their paintball gear. In our opinion, it is your paintball mask. No matter what gun you use or the clothes you wear, your paintball mask is something with you on the field at all times. What good is it if you cant see well out of it and you cant take it off on the paintball field. This is where not only having a good paintball mask comes into play but also being able to care for it and keep it in good shape. That is where the paintball mask anti fog and goggle cleaners come into play. There are quite a few paintball mask anti fog sprays and cleaners on the market but the ones we choose to carry are by far the best in the industry. Your paintball mask does you no good when you cant see out of the lens because it is fogged up. The paintball mask anti fog spray will not only keep your lens clean, but will keep it from fogging up as well. Some other products may give your paintball mask an anti fog coat for the day, but may deteriorate the composition of the lens. This is common when using anti fog sprays on your lens that are not specifically meant for paintball. This is one item not to substitute as other sports don't have 200 MPH paintballs flying at your face. Get your Paintball mask anti fog spray and stay clear and protected on the paintball field.