Dye I4

The Dye I4 Mask is one of the most popular paintball goggles on the market and is a pro player favorite. It has the smallest profile of any paintball mask on the market while incorporating the largest available field of vision. The I4 is the pinnacle of engineering from the Dye design team. Thermal lenses are all included on the Dye goggle lineup and have some of the best clarity, minimal distortion and fog resistance. If you are not happy with the stock lens color, we have a variety of lens colors to suit any player and any playing conditions. 

The I4 has a patented rapid quick change lens which allows you to swap out lenses in less than ten seconds. Just push on the interior tab arms and slide them forward. Once you do that, your lens will pop right out. The I4 was also designed anatomically correct which helps the goggle contour to your face and fit you in comfort. If safety is of the upmost importance, the I4 line has been fully tested and meets or exceeds all ASTM and CE standards.  

The foam that comes installed on the I4 is propriety to Dye goggles and combines closed cell and open cell foam technologies. This new dual material foam is designed to keep sweat out of your face and eyes. New Tiger Teeth buckles make adjusting your strap easier than ever. The teeth clamp down on the woven rubber strap and lock it in place to keep the mask from falling down or off when you are diving or sliding. Ear protection is also an important part of a mask design and the ears on the I4 don't disappoint. These streamlined ears are not bulky and are made from a compressed foam ear piece that is lightweight, soft and flexible. They also incorporate a custom Cool Max material to help wick away moisture. In addition, the ears are extremely comfortable and offer great hearing while on the field. 

Another piece of patented technology on the I4 is the Blade Angling ventilation design. This allows for heat and moisture to quickly escape the mask and offers optimal breathability. The vents also have a Scream Multi-Directional Venting which allows for you to be heard better, clearer and from further away. 

The lens design is one of the most impressive features on the Dye I4 as it offers the largest prereferral vision of any paintball mask on the market. The lens was also designed in an optically correct toroidal manner which allows for some of the best quality viewing. the lens also have a HARDCOAT on both the outside and inside which make is scratch resistant. In addition to the HARDCOAT, the lens is also UV treated which offers additional protection from the sun.  

Overall, the I4 is a very well consturcted paintball mask that is also popular with airsoft players who choose to have a low profile and compact mask.