The Empire E-vent paintball mask is one of the two or three top paintball masks. The E-vents mask is built from top of the line materials that will stand up to the rigors of time. The unique and classy design is arguably the most comfortable and widely selling mask. The E-Vent mask has an adjustable goggle strap that will fit anything from the head size of youth to large adult. Unlike the majority of masks on the paintball market, the E-Vent mask has soft foam ear pieces. This makes it very comfortable as opposed to the hard plastic ear pieces found on most paintball masks. The E-Vent soft ears are also great for getting paintballs to bounce off your mask when you are in the line of fire. The Empire E-Vent Mask comes stock with a high quality thermal lens that will keep your mask from fogging up on the field. The Empire Mask also has quick release lens tabs that make it easy to take your lens out for cleaning for to swap it out with a different color for the day. Overall, the Empire E-vent Mask lineup is one of the best mask choices on the market.
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