Ninja Microbore Fill Whip Hose Extension

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Paintball Remote Line

The Ninja Microbore Fill Whip Hose Extension is a groundbreaking new way to gas up your marker. The Ninja Microbore Remote features an incredibly flexible yet tough air line that is 30% thinner and lighter than standard coil remotes. Despite its smaller size it is still rated to a 4500 psi working pressure and maintains high pressure flow to your paintball gun. The Fill Whip Extension connects to your compressed air tank's fill nipple. You can route the extension under your gear so you can fill up your air tank without removing it from your harness or tactical vest!
33% Lighter and Thinner than standard remotes Extremely flexible 30 inch hose 4500psi working pressure Lets you fill tank while still in harness or vest Made in the USA

CALIFORNIA Prop 65 WARNING - Nickel - Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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