Ninja SL2 Carbon Fiber Air Tank - 68/4500 w/ Pro V2 Series Regulator - Black/Red

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Ninja SL2 Compressed Air Tank

The Ninja Pro V2 Regulator is available in 3 variations: Adjustable, Super High Pressure and Super Low Pressure.

  • The PRO V2 Adjustable ships at 800psi and comes with 4 different output pressures ranging from 450psi, 550psi, 700psi, and 800psi and is easily adjusted by removing shims inside of the regulator.
  • The PRO V2 Super Low Pressure has an fixed output pressure of 300psi and was designed specifically for the Bob Long G6R and Victory.
  • The PRO V2 Super High Pressure ships at 1100psi, ideal for increasing your rate of fire on your Automag to 20+ balls per second, unleashing the full potential of your Automag. You have the ability to remove 3 shims inside of the regulator to drop the pressure down to 950psi, which we found to be ideal on Tippmanns that are starving for air when using the RT and Cyclone Feed upgrades.

Ninja SL2 Carbon Fiber Air Tank
68 cubic inch bottle and 4500psi 5 year hydro D.O.T./TC approved Backed by Ninja's 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Made In The USA

Ninja PRO V2-V4 Regulator (includes SLP and SHP) Manual
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