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Exalt currently has two versions of their elbow pads; the T3 and Freeflex. The T3 pads are the updated version of the old Thrasher pads and have been designed to last. Constructed from high quality materials, these pads do a great job of keeping your elbows and forearms padded and protected.

If you want the best then check out the Freeflex Exalt Elbow pads. This is a high end and light weight pad that has the padding cut along all of the elbow and wrist bend points in order to allow greater flexability and movement. These pads also have great back of the hand protection so gloves are optional. One adational feature that makes the Freeflex Exalt Elbow pads so great is the strap on the back of the forearm. Once secured, the strap can be spun around so you can keep the velcro connector tucked away.

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