Angel Paintball Masks

Grab your Angel Paintball mask today and upgrade your game! The Angel paintball masks are brand new to the sport and the majority of the industry does not know what to expect. The Angel paintball mask will be released at the first Huntington beach NPPL tournament. The Angel Paintball Mask has been one of the most rumor filled paintball goggles on the market. We were lucky enough to get our hands on an Angel paintball mask and get all of our questions answered. The Angel Paintball mask has ONE lens. There are many rumors floating that the Angel Paintball masks will all come stock with two separate lenses or a dual lens system. This is not true! Will the Angel Paintball mask have a fan in the mouth section or on top? No, there is no fan in any of the Angel paintball masks and there are not any plans to include one. The Angel Paintball mask is now available for pre-order on a first come, first served basis. We are expecting our shipment of Angel paintball masks to arrive in early 2011.

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