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ANS Paintball Tanks are some of the best on the market. Their light weight and durable construction stand up to the rigors of paintball and will keep some cash in your pocket. All of the ANS Xtreme 68/4500 tanks are DOT approved with a five year life. The ANS compressed Air HPA tank will change the way that you used to look at the big and bulky old compressed air tanks. The ANS tank will get you the best bang for your buck with some extra cash left over for paint. It is a great tank for a great price! The ANS Blackout compressed air tanks are some of the best on the market and at great prices. Made from Carbon Fiber wrapped aluminum bottles, they weigh in at just about 2 pounds

These bottles are made to be extremely light weight but dont let the weight fool you with their strength and durability. ANS tanks hold up to as much abuse that paintball can possibly bring.

All of the bottles are DOT certified and have a 5 year Hydrotest date to insure that the product is as safe as possible and will last you a long time. When filled up, one of these tanks can get you 1,200 to 1,500 shots depending on what gun you are using.

There are also many Tank Accessories available to protect the bottle and prolong the life of the tank. Over all the ANS Blackout tanks would be a great choice for the competitive, but budgeted Paintball player.