Empire Resurrection Autococker

ANSgear is proud to introduce the new Empire Resurrection Autococker. The resurrection paintball gun is the good old classic Autococker reborn. With the best designs from WGP incorporated into the Empire Resurrection, it is a gun that all players of all levels will appreciate and love.
Notable Features Include:
+ Closed Bolt System - The closed bolt firing system of the Empire Resurrection Autococker gives it accuracy like no other gun. This unique firing mechanism ensures the bolt is all the way forward and sealed before the ball is fired from the gun. This gives the Resurrection accuracy that is second to none!
+ Slide Trigger Frame - The slide trigger frame is a signature trademark of the older Autococker guns. This short trigger pull will give you a smooth crisp shot every time.
+ Low Pressure Operation - The low pressure working of the Empire Resurrection are sure to give you great consistency over the chrono as well as a sufficient amount of shots per fill.
+ 45 Wrap Grips - The comfortable 45 wrap grip is one of the most missed pieces of paintball history. All guns in the early 2000's and before had these grips as a stock feature.
+ 6 Piece Barrel Kit - The Empire Resurrection Autococker comes with a 6 Piece barrel kit that includes an aluminum front and 5 backs (.675, .680, .685, .690, & .695)

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