Nerf Guns

If you just arent quite read to pick up your first paintball gun then check out Nerf Guns. The Nerf Gun stepping stone will help you learn some of the strategic and tactical skills needed for your first paintball mission. Great for ages 6-10, Nerf Guns are great for some serious indoor battles as well as outdoor.

With their minimal Joule Rating, Nerf Guns pack a mild punch compared to that of a paintball or Airsoft Gun. With price tags ranging from $14.95 all the way up to $80+, Nerf Guns are affordable for anyone on a budget. Not to mention, Nerf Darts are reusable so you will not have to buy paintballs each time you hit the field.

Here are a list of the most popular Nerf Guns on the market:
Nerf Gun - Strike Stampeed - $29.95
Nerf Gun - Strike Longstrike CS-6 - $79.95

With a huge selection of Nerf Guns on the market, there is something light weight and easy for smaller kids and Heavier more powerful Nerf Guns for the bigger kids.

Nerf Guns for Adults:

In a recent phenomenon, adults are showing the kid inside and buying/playing with Nerf Guns. This World Wide movement has started leagues specifically with Nerf Guns to see if the older folks can compete with the young-ins.

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