2010 is the first year for NXE paintball to introduce their new line of Elevation paintball pants. With the success of the NXE paintball harnesses, they saw the need to design a great pair of NXE paintball pants. The NXE Pants are designed to be the lightest, most breathable, comfortable and durable pants to ever hit paintball. NXE designed these pants to be a great tournament pair of pants under the $100 price point. The pants are by no means lacking any type of protection or padding and have high density flex foam knee and leg pads. These pads help to extend the life of the pants as well as give your knees some great protection. One of the biggest features of the NXE Paintball pants is the lumbar support system that is built in. The Lumbar support on the pants helps support a lot of the stress from your heavy paintball harness. The NXE Pants also keep the harness from slipping or sliding around during play.

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