Paintball Gear Bag - Tippmann

The Tippmann gear bags are brand new to the market and are priced to be one of the most popular gear bags at all paintball fields. At this time Tippmann has two different version of their deluxe gear bag. The Tippmann Player series bag is a light weight and fairly compact kit bag that will hold all of your paintball necessities. The Tippmann players bag is organized to efficiently keep your gear together, protected and safe. The Tippmann Deluxe roller gear bag is one of the biggest bags in paintball and has room for everything you could imagine. The Large U shaped opening is great for easy access to load or unload all of your paintball gear. The center of the Tippmann gear bag is a balanced and padded marker compartment so you can keep multiple guns safe and secure. The durable luggage wheels and handle make this the ideal bag for lugging all of your paintball gear to the field.

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