Planet Eclipse Geo CS1

Check out the first look of the all new Planet Eclipse GEO CS1 paintball gun. Packed with tons of new features, the GEO CS1 has all of the updates you would expect from a new Planet Eclipse Marker. The air transfer tube of previous model Geo 3.1 & 3.5 has been removed and updated with a fully internal air passages. 9 Volt batteries are a thing of the past with the Geo CS1. Two AA Batteries are preparing to power up this beast of a paintball gun for more than double the life expectancy of a traditional 9v battery. New Shaft 5 barrel back and Shaft Pro Barrel front will help your Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 shoot darts all day! More details will be released over the upcoming weeks and you can pre-order your Geo CS1 starting next week.

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