Planet Eclipse GMek

The GMek is an all new mechanical marker from Planet Eclipse. The GMek is based off of the Gtek platform with the difference being that it's 100% mechanical and features no electronic components, such as a board or an eye sensor system. The mechanical frame features a push button safety, removable trigger shoe, and an adjustable trigger position. Unlike traditional mechanical markers, the Planet Eclipse GMek features a bolt system that is independent from the trigger. By having the trigger and bolt independent from one another, the GMek can achieve a smoother, lighter trigger pull for high rates of fire as well as all day play without getting fatigued.

Standard features that the GMek shares with the Gtek consists of a 2-Piece Shaft4/5 compatible 14.5" barrel and SL4 regulator. The 2-Piece Shaft barrel has proven itself on the field for years and is one of the most accurate barrels on the field. The SL4 regulator can also be found on the Geo 3.5 and LV1.1 Pro. With such a consistent regulator and excellent accuracy, the GMek will turn you into a true 1 ball sharp shooter.