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Proto Paintball Guns are the first name in tournament-winning performance at a recreational price. Proto, a division of Dye, takes the revolutionary ideas and concepts of the DM series and incorporates them into Proto Matrix Rail designs. The result is the perfect balance of performance and price, giving the player every technical advantage possible for the money. When you are ready to start taking paintball seriously, you need to check out Proto Paintball Guns.

2011 Proto Matrix Rail Paintball Guns - The 2011 Proto Rail marker was made for the player who wants to start playing paintball with a technical advantage over their opponents. The PMR utilizes Dye's patented Fuse Bolt Technology for an economical paintball gun that shoots super smooth and accurate. The Proto Rail is very light weight and compact, making it ideal for all paintball players. Check out the 2011 Proto Rail if you want to start out with or upgrade your entry level marker for higher performance and more features.

Proto Rail MaXXed Paintball Guns - Stepping up from the PMR is the Proto Rail MaXXed marker. The PMR MaXXed is the proven Rail with popular upgrades such as a macroline airline, Airport On/Off ASA, Lockdown clamping feed neck, and a two piece Proto barrel already installed right out of the box.

Proto Matrix Reflex Rail Paintball Guns - The Proto Matrix Reflex Rail marker blows the competition away. The Reflex Rail is loaded with many features of the DM series at a price that lets any player seriously compete. Technical perks like an all aluminum UL Grip Frame, Fuse Bolt spool valve system, and the patented Eye Pipe detents/ eye cover make the Proto Reflex Rail one of the fastest, smoothest, and easiest to handle tournament markers on the field. If you're serious about stepping up your competitive play, check out the Proto Matrix Reflex Rail for a high performance shooter.