WGP Paintball

WGP Paintball, or Worr Games Products Paintball, is one of the most legendary companies in paintball history. The WGP began with Bud Orr, who made paintball guns at home with the machine shop in his garage. His first markers were the Nelson-based Ranger and Commando pumps, and the Sheridan-based Sniper pump markers.

Later, he developed a kit using a pneumatic ram, a low pressure regulator, and a 3 way valve with linkage rod to convert the Sniper into a semiautomatic marker (Technically it was a self-cocking marker, not a true semi auto, but for simplicity we will refer to it as a semi!). The result was the Legendary Autococker, one of the most loved, hated, and successful marker designs of all time. Loved, because players who learned its secrets had a smooth, fast and consistent marker. Hated, because in the hands of those who did not learn how to properly tune it were always frustrated. Successful, because the design sold hundreds of thousands of units and was the top marker in tournament paintball for years.

The Autococker kickstarted the aftermarket part industry. Soon there was a huge variety of upgrade low pressure regulators, front blocks, back blocks, bolts, 3 ways, triggers and frames to choose from. Except for the body, you could build an entire Autococker out of aftermarket parts! Other companies began releasing custom versions of the Cocker, such as the Carter Machine Autococker, the Westwood Autococker, the Eclipse Autococker, etc. The Autococker was the equivalent of the Harley Davidson of paintball.

As electronic markers became more affordable and reliable, it seemed the days of the Cocker were numbered. Lo and behold, several companies began releasing electronic conversion kits to bring the Autococker up to speed. WGP eventually released several electronic versions as well as the Trilogy series. The Autococker Trilogy series were simplified mechanical or electronic Cockers that required less maintenance. However, these changes were too little, too late as player tastes and newer marker designs led to the end... for awhile.

WGP Paintball eventually came under the Kee Action Sports and was resurrected as, fittingly, the Empire Resurrection Autococker and the Empire Sniper pump. As the interest in pump and retro paintball play has grown, so has interest in classic Autocockers. ANSgear has a huge variety of New Old Stock original WGP and aftermarket parts for rebuilding and tricking out an Autococker.

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