Dye Tactical Paintball

The Dye Tactical paintball lineup is just released in time for the 2011 season. Targeted specifically for the serious woodsball/scenario players, the Dye Tactical paintball line provides an assortment of high end paintball equipment. One of the biggest achievements with the 2011 Dye Tactical line is the release of the new DyeCam pattern. DyeCam was created so you can get rid of all your tiger stripe, woodland, multicam, ect... pattern clothing and get one pattern that blends in great with all environments. The DyeCam pattern is adapted from proven military color palettes and shapes which are used to bring the Dye Tactical paintball lineup to fruition. DyeCam brings together complex halftone camo patterns with very specific pantone gradients, which give an illusive profile across a large variety of terrains. Get your Dye Tactical Paintball Line today!