Special Ops Paintball

Special Ops Paintball helped kickstart a revolution in paintball. The early days of paintball began by playing in the woods, with full camouflage and milsim gear. Many felt this image was holding back many potential new players, in particular the youth market because of the perception to parents. Mush of the industry began focusing on tournament play, speedball fields, and markers, apparel and gear looking more like traditional sporting equipment. Despite this push towards a different image, the vast majority of players were still running through the woods in camo and largely ignored or shunned by the paintball media.

Special Ops Paintball was started by an eclectic group of players who embraced woodsball and milsim play. They began making camo apparel with paintball-specific features, and upgrades to enhance the milsim look and feel of paintball guns. They also created the SPPL, the Scenario Paintball Players League, and hosted a new and unique format for tournament paintball in the woods. In short, they made it cool to be a woodsball player again.