First Strike

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Bring out the inner sniper with the patented First Strike FSR Rounds. The FSR Rounds are a two piece paintball design comprising of the paint capsule in the front dome of the round and the hollowed out back fin section of the round. This aerodynamic combination with the fin stabilization allow this paintball to fly further and straighter than any other paintball on the market. Bench tests of the FSR Rounds have the projectile shooting over 50% further than standard .68 caliber paintballs. Bench tests also show a much tighter shot grouping than your traditional paintballs. 

The First Strike FSR Rounds are designed to work with MagFed paintball markers. It is recommended to run a .687-.690 barrel bore for optimal accuracy and distance. All First Strike rounds are package in 150 round bags with a full case being 4 - 150 round bags. 

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