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Planet Eclipse Core Elbow Pads

Eclipse HD Core Elbow Pads are the most respected protective equipment in paintball. Planet Eclipse elbow pads have been the preferred choice of top Pro teams all over the world for their superior impact protection and increased bounce capabilities. With the addition of the HD Core internal support, incorporated mesh and ventilated comfort neoprene, the Eclipse HD Core Elbow Pads are engineered to keep you cooler and confident, no matter what the field or competition brings!

What is HD Core?
HD Core is a High Density (HD) sealed foam with articulated flex points to deliver maximum flexibility and freedom of movement without sacrificing injury-avoiding protection and comfort.

Unique HD Core high density foam padding Integrated mesh/neoprene venting encourages better air-flow keeping your arms cool Tapered Elbow zones increase flexibility and comfort Compression formed EVA takes the bite out of ground impacts and paint hits 4x Stitch-work hem detail for overall strength and durability Soft padded hand section that protects against paint hits Secure thumb loop to help reduce pad slip-down Upper cuff finish for improved comfort and fit
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