REKT OPFOUR CO2 Powered Foam Dart Rifle - Blue (2278702)

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Go to war with a Red foam dart launcher that shoots darts faster and farther! The REKT OpFour dart rifle has a 12-dart magazine and uses easy-to-use 12-gram CO2 cartridges that give this blaster its power. Just pull the foregrip to load your next dart and pull the trigger. There's no spring to operate it, so it's easier to operate! The CO2 loads in the back of the OpFour dart rifle inside of the rear stock tube. It has a manual safety which is especially good for learning safety when not on the playing field. Use the universal fit magazine with your other blasters. Just make sure you stock up on CO2, REKT darts, and wear REKT Eye Pro Goggles when you #PlayRekt.
CO2 Powered (2 x 12-gram CO2 cartridges) 12 dart magazine easy to load Comes with 12 Rekt Darts Stability handle (foregrip) pumps the action! Collapsible rear stock to adjust the length Using CO2 instead of a spring makes it easier to operate!
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