Paintball Sale Tanks & Tank Accessories

We are more than proud to offer you the best selection of cheap paintball tanks online. We know how expensive it is to get a paintball gun and gear setup so we make sure to help you out as much as possible with the tank. Our cheap paintball tank category has a variety of tanks from the basic Cyclone 47/3000 tank to the deluxe 68/4500 carbon fiber tanks. The Cyclone tank is branded bottle with the regulator being manufactured in the US. Although this is a cheap paintball tank; the regulator is built to the highest DOT Standards which makes this one of the safest tanks in paintball. The Cyclone tank is the pride and joy of our cheap paintball tanks since it is in the price range of pretty much all paintball players. The more expensive tanks in our cheap paintball tank section are light weight carbon fiber bottles. These air systems are very light weight and in most cases hold up to 4500 PSI as opposed to the 3000 PSI of the Cyclone tank. The carbon fiber materials as well as the regulations on these bottles cause them to have a much higher price tag. The prices we offer the carbon fiber bottles at is very low and will help you complete your great setup without breaking the bank.
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