Stiffi One Piece Carbon Fiber Barrel - Ion/Impulse Thread 16" - .695 - Classic (ZYX-0069)

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Product Code: ZYX-STF-IMP-16-695-CLSC
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Stiffi Classic

Accurate . Light . Stiff. Stiffi Barrels are made from advanced Aerospace Materials – Carbon Fiber. At 53 grams (under 2 ounces) Stiffi Barrels are 3 to 7 times lighter than Metal Barrels. Stiffi is the only All Carbon Fiber barrel on the market. Stiffi's MicroJeweled bore creates a hi-tech polymer glass-like finish giving you unparalleled accuracy. The only one-piece Barrel with a Stepped Bore!. Proven to be one of the Quietest barrels on the market. Zero co-efficient of Thermal Expansion Will not expand and contract with temperature changes, giving you consistent accuracy. Rated as the Most Accurate barrel in the game . Gram-for-gram the Stiffest Barrel on the market.
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