Style Supply Flash Paintball Cleats - Black/Red - Size 10 (ZYX-3382)

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In development with Style Supply and KM for almost 2 years, the Style Supply Flash paintball cleat is ready to take on the competition. Style Supply Flash cleats are built for speed, weighing in at just one pound each. The sole is threaded and comes with three sets of spikes and tool for customizing your cleats for optimum performance. The lace-up tongue and velcro retaining strap keep your cleats in place, preventing heel lift and energy-robbing slippage when sprinting to the snake. The Flash cleats are built to last, constructed of high quality materials to last season after season. Included with the flash cleats is a ventilated shoe bag to keep your muddy, paint-gooped cleats off of everything else in your gear bag.

Lightweight yet Durable construction Retaining Strap prevents heel lift Three sets of Spikes for all field conditions Tough T-handle spike tool Extra laces Vented shoe bag

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